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We teach two things:  Joy and technique!

About Us

What is "Joy and Technique"?

We believe that success is, in part, the product of the Growth Mindset where failure often occurs on route to excellence.  (Especially in the early years. ) If athletes enjoy what they are doing, they will pursue excellence long enough to persevere through this process and, ultimately, attain their goals.  Athletes enjoy "play" which is a major focus of our methodology.  Play also allows athletes to learn to read the game well and make good decisions.  Athletes thrive in a positive environment where they feel that they are respected and are learning.  Again, major areas of focus in our methodology.  

While the athletes are enjoying their training, we encourage our coaches to use the most modern methods and we support them as they attain their NCCP levels.  In addition to on-court technique, life skills are also a part of what our coaches offer.  Knowledgeable and qualified coaches who help develop excellent young people is important to us.

In conclusion, we believe that athletes who love the sport and learn the best techniques will eventually achieve excellence.  Not only on the court but off of it which leads to an Express program that you and your family can be proud to be a part of.

Are you a player?  Coach?  Manager/Volunteer?  Contact us today to see where you might fit into our exciting program.

Darlene Dupuis-Baxter

Our Mission

St. Thomas Express is an athlete-centred club where dedicated volunteers provide leadership in the growth and development of volleyball for all players in Elgin County by focusing on teaching two things:  Joy and Technique.


St. Thomas Express is a leading sport organization in Southwestern Ontario.


ACCOUNTABILITY: by acting in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner with St. Thomas Express funds, governance, and operations promoting practices that contribute to safe sporting environments.

EXCELLENCE: by designing and delivering the best possible programs and services for all St. Thomas Express stakeholders.

COLLABORATION: by respectfully working in partnership with key stakeholders locally, provincially and nationally including government, funding partners, clubs, national organizations, para organizations, volunteers, athletes, families, coaches, administrators, officials, service providers, sponsors through ongoing feedback and input from stakeholders.

INTENTIONALITY: by developing programs that are based on clear strategic objectives in order to achieve high quality meaningful and relevant desired outcomes.

INTEGRITY & RESPECT: by interacting with all our stakeholders, by fostering trust in all our relationships as consistently demonstrated by our actions and promoting inclusivity for all participants in a fair manner.

SUSTAINABILITY: by building organizational capacity, partnerships, innovative funding, sharing and economizing of resources to achieve the strategic objectives and sports mandate.



2011 - SPIKES St. Thomas saw its genesis.  Two dads, Dennis Dlouhy and Ken Gadsdon, saw a desire for youth volleyball in Elgin County.  17 little SPIKERS and 2 teen leaders got things underway on Friday nights.

2011-2016 - Over 500 little SPIKERS and dozens of teen leaders participated in Grassroots programming.  The program expanded to Parkside Collegiate Institute where all three gyms were full every Friday.

2016 - Expansion of the program to include House League and Competitive programming.  The competitive program was comprised of U13 and U14 girls teams.  The U13 team won silver at provincials.

2017 - "Rebrand" to St. Thomas Express VC which continued to offer a Grassroots program, a House League with 8 teams under the "SPIKES" name and 4 competitive teams.  (1 boys and 3 girls)

2018 - 6 competitive teams (1 boys / 5 girls), Select program, House League, Grassroots.

2019-20 - COVID year 1.  Provincials cancelled.  2 x Gold medals (U16/U14 Girls),  7 competitive teams (6G / 1 B), 2 select teams (2xB), Grassroots and House League.

2020-21 - COVID year 2 - Full season cancelled.  Training only.  7 competitive teams (U12 - U17) and no Grassroots or House Leagues.  Outdoor pre-season and summer programming on grass.  Creation of the Express VC leadership award and bursary.

2021-22 - Modified Season.  8 competitive teams (girls), both grassroots and house league saw the light of day as well as our ever-growing  outdoor summer league on the grass.  Abi Farris chosen for regional team.  2 provincial medals (14U and 16U Silver)  14U recognition by the City of St. Thomas.

2022 - 23 - 12 competitive teams (boys/girls), 2 sessions of House League, 2 sessions of Grassroots, outdoor grass league.  Emily Ellis chosen to TORP, 3 provincial medals.  17U Golden Spikes top 20 (from 66th). 

2023-24 - 12 competitive teams (boys/girls; 4 v 4 boys), 2 sessions of House League, 5 sessions of Grassroots, outdoor grass league.  3 provincial medals (Golden Spikes 19th - Silver), 3 x National Medals (Hot Shots Gold, Bullets Silver, Golden Spikes Gold 49th).  6 x 18U players (Golden Spikes) recruited to post-secondary.  Re-introduction of indoor banquet.  Joy and Technique awards introduced.  Leadership/Service scholarships awarded x 2.  Summer Camps added with guest presenter, Katelyn Grasman.

Sponsored by Ontario Volleyball Association

Ontario Volleyball Association

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St. Thomas Express VC and its programs are sanctioned by the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA), which is the governing body of volleyball in the province. 


The OVA ensures that all participants receive quality instruction, and, if they wish, have a clear path to higher levels of volleyball.

St. Thomas Spikes

Est. 2011 - OVA sanctioned program

Rebrand to in 2017